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Instant Skimmed Milk Powder

Product description

Skimmed Milk Powder is a soluble powder made by spray drying fresh pasteurized whole milk.

Chemical Typical Value
Fat 1.5 % max
Protein (N x 6.38) 32.4 % min
Lactose 50 % by difference
Moisture 4.0 % max
Mineral content 8.5 % max
Phosphates Negative
Nitrates 50 max
WPNI 1.5 – 5.99 mg/g

Colour White to cream
Taste and Odour Milky
Scorched particles (ADPI) Disc A or B/25g
pH 6.6 ± 0.2
Solubility 99.5 %
Bulk density 44 – 52 gm/ml
Particle size 90 % particles < 240 µm
Wettability 40 seconds max
Dispersion Index 90 % min

Total Plate Count < 10,000 /g max.
Yeast & Moulds < 20/g max.
Coliforms < 10/g max.
Salmonella Absent/375g
Listeria Absent/25g
Staph. Coag. S aureus Absent/1g

Storage and Shelf life
Relative Humidity 65 % max. .
Temperature 25 °C max.
Shelf life 18 months

Bag: Multi-wall 25 kg net.

Quality and Assurance:

The product is manufactured in accordance with International Standards and guidelines. Each package is marked to enable trace back.


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